Autumn 2012 – Medicinal Herb Classes

Four Winds Farm, Quincy IL

Taught by Deborah Lee, Ph.D. Herbal Educator

Textbook:The Herbal Medicine-Makers Handbook, by James Greene; 384 pages

Hands-on learning with 9 weekly sessions; class includes:

  • Naturopathic view of how “dis-ease” builds in the body; how to reverse it.

  • Safe use of common healthful herbs. Helpful information to use daily.
  • Valuable tips for disease prevention.
  • Field trip, plus weekly plant treks in the herb garden to collect and study.
  • Study of parasites and Candida fungus; what these are, and how to rid them.
  • Infusions, decoctions & herbal ‘teas’.

  • Tinctures, including Master Formula.

  • Fixed oils, salves, lip balms and many more preparations.
  • Drying and preserving methods.

  • Medical actions and herbal terminology.

  • Therapeutic essential oils and flower essences.

  • Make items and take them home; plus more!

Class times:Tuesday evenings, 6-9PM OR Thursday mornings, 9-12AM $150 Investment covers 9 sessions at $15 each, plus book and materials:

  • 9-session class (27 hours), taught by Deborah
  • Textbook ($22.95 retails cost)

  • Class materials and supplies

  • Take-home preparations

Limit:12 per class; first paid ($20 refund for each person you enroll!)

Contact:     Deborah Lee
217-  228-2404

Classes begin September 11th or September 13th