Sustainability is the theme. This two-story building was constructed primarily from recycled local materials. Exterior cedar siding was milled from old telephone poles. This wood was also used indoors for window trim, floor and ceiling molding, and more.

Other materials in the center (such as windows, wood, fixtures, braided rugs and more) were recycled from friends and other sources.
The downstairs teaching room boasts a lovely wall mural, painted by local artist Susan Daggett. Can you find the many animals hiding there? The mural, and other whimsical decorations, suggest a colonial barn ambiance.

Upstairs, the 22′ by 40′ teaching room is cheerful and cozy. It is equipped with an ample kitchen where students have an opportunity to learn by doing. Energy efficiency is enhanced through passive solar gain from south-facing windows which receive the warming winter sun and block summer heat.

Soy-bean based insulation was blown in and provides a solid R factor. Heating and cooling methods are energy star and allow for flexible use that saves on electricity.

A city-approved composting toilet adds to the goal of sustainable living. In addition, a Bergey 1kw wind turbine stands on an 80’ metal pole beside the barn. It is in place for the next building phase.