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 Herbal Programs

Medicinal, Wild Edible and Culinary

Deborah Lee Ph.D. has conducted more than 3,500 classes &  workshops throughout the US and in Europe in the last 30 years. A Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator, she is available to speak in your region.


“Wild and Free” Catch Deborah’s passion as she takes you on a journey to explore wild-edible plants in your area.  Learn to identify the best edibles and how to use them.  Discover patterns in nature which help you know what and when to harvest.  Take home a list of 100 wild edibles, a nutrient chart and collecting tips. Either a conference program with PP slides or an outdoor plant identification walk.



“Growing and Using Culinary Herbs” Explore 12 culinary herbs that grow well in your yard.  Learn growing tips, information about each and ways to easily incorporate them into your daily menu.  Helpful hand-out  materials are provided.

“Medicinal Herbs” Explore numerous health-supportive herbs that you can easily grow and safely use. See and smell numerous herbal preparations. Also, learn ways to easily prepare or preserve them including: dried, capsules, teas (decoctions and infusions), salves and tinctures. Take home reference material that will help you create your personal herbal first-aid kit.

“Flower Essences” Flower Essences work with the emotion aspect of our being. They do so in ways that take us into deeper understanding of plants, growth patterns, color, habitat and archetypes. Join Deborah on a mysterious journey into the beautiful world of flowers.

These herb programs and others are perfect for:

  • Heritage Festivals and Events
  • Gardening Conferences and programs
  • Master Gardener Conferences
  • Nature Groups and Centers
  • Herb Guilds and Associations
  • Environmental Education Events
  • Community Education Programs
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Youth Groups and Organizations

Book Deborah for your Conference or Event:

Deborah Lee, Ph.D.  Four Winds Farm

217-257-1480 cell


What people are saying:

 “Deborah’s presentations are refreshing, easy to understand and life-changing.”   Susan T

  “I love plants, especially herbs. This class has opened my eyes to another world of understanding and beauty…I have learned so much.”  Janet S