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Pumpkin Fall Festival @ Four Winds Farm October, 6th 2018 


Line up

10am-2 Pumpkin Painting

11-5 Fall Games for kids- Win Prizes!

Hayrides 10-12 & 4-6pm

Soup & Hot Dog Stand 11-3

Dunnbelly Farm Fresh Food Stand 11-3

Terripin Farms Stand Kids Drink stand 10-6

Local Art & Craft Vendors 10-6

Live Bands

11-2 Blake Gardner & The Farmers

2-5 Matt Roberts Blues Band

October 12 &13: Create an Herbal First-Aid Kit Workshop

Have you ever wanted to know what natural health items to have on hand in case of illness or injury? Here’s your chance. In this workshop we will discuss which herbal and naturopathic items are good to keep nearby. We will look at numerous common health concerns. Then, we’ll discuss safe, helpful preparations for each issue, exploring how to wisely use them. We will also discover herbal health-enhancing options. Study guides will allow you to keep easy-to-read information for years. During the classes, we will collect numerous herbs in the Four Winds Farm gardens; then make preparations to place in your personal kit and take home!

Led by:  Deborah Lee, with Terri Hanlin
When: Friday evening 6-9pm and Saturday 9am – 5pm.
Fee $90 – Includes: 9 hours instruction, a light lunch, study guides, your kit container and materials for the take-home items
Register early  dlee@adams.net or 217-257-1480
Purchase tickets online:  
Refer a friend and receive $10 back for each person who enrolls and attends!

Through the Looking Glass   Thursday evenings, beginning October 24th       

When we look through the mirror, we can envision new paths to a joy-filled life. Physical health and radiance is an inside job. It is our decision to claim it. In this powerful class, we will delve into the inner process of holistic healing (mind, body, and spirit). On our inward journey, we will explore ways to release old wounds and step through the doorway of fear-based emotions.  Moving deeper, we will gently release blockages that no longer serve us. Tools for our journey will include: mindfulness, positive visualization, breath work, journaling, pattern-breaking techniques, inner listening, affirmative prayer, Reiki & Flower Remedies. Autumn is a great time to reflect on the past and prepare for a new beginning.

Lead by: Deborah Lee, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Ph.D.
Terri Hanlin, Reiki Master, and Practitioner

When: Thursday evenings, Oct. 25th; Nov 1, 8 & 15; 6-8:30PM
Fee: $90—Includes: 10 hours, personal flower remedy, Reiki attunement and class notebook.
(Refer a friend and receive $10 back for each person who pays to enroll!)
Purchase tickets online: 
Or send a check: 
Four Winds Farm, 3729 N 36th, Quincy, IL 62305
     dlee@adams.net          217-257-1480     www.Four-Winds-Farm.com

Herb of the Month Class – October 30: Valerian

Valerian (Valerian Officinalis) – This lovely plant is another “official” healing herb, honored by Linnaeus when he developed the botanical system of nomenclature. Valerian offers relief, primarily as nervine. The herb has a stimulating and warming effect on the body; thus providing help for irritability, anxiety, and nervousness. This hypotensive action can also aid with hypertension and stress-related heart problems (which are more frequent than we may realize). Valerian root is especially useful for intestinal tension leading to gas, cramps, and constipation. Understanding the ancient medicinal knowledge of hot and cold action helps one better know how to use an herb. For example, if a person has too much blood flow and activity in the head and brain, Valerian may not help for sleep and relaxation because it is heat-producing. Lemon balm would be more helpful.

These hands-on herb classes focus on one particular herb each month and are offered the last Tuesday of the month. Class $25 ($20 for Muddy River Herb Guild members) The classes include:

Walk through the gardens to explore the featured herb and more
Discover the plant’s many medicinal and helpful virtues
Learn ways to prepare and use the featured herb
Make one or more concoctions to take home
Receive a great study guide for later use
Enjoy herbal tea and a light snack