Flower Essence Therapy

Matching Flowers to Emotional Patterns

 “Give me flowers and they will brighten my day. Give me flower essences and they will transform my life.”

What is Flower Essence Therapy?

Flowers make us smile. They bring us joy, just by looking at them; they offer an emotional lift.  Through color, fragrance, texture, form, expression, geometry and more; each feature of a plant is part of Nature’s system of balance and healing. 

Flower Remedies (essences) are water-based infusions made from flower of a plant. They are uniquely used to address mind-body health, offering effective help for children, teens, adults and pets. Issues addressed include: weight loss, PTSD (post-traumatic shock or distress), depression, anxiety, stress, anger, fear and childhood traumas.

During a session with Deborah, the client will define the main issue to be addressed. A personalized remedy will be prepared (which will last for 1-2 months). After the first session, another 1 or 2 may be helpful. During a session, Deborah often employs a pattern-breaking technique such a NLP. Nutrition suggestions may also be discussed. 


*Flower Remedies (Essences) do not interfere with any medication.

Deborah’s Training and Experience

Deborah began using and studying both the Bach and FES essences in 1986, after her first level of certification training.  In 2012, she began the lengthy international certification process with Richard Kratz and Patricia Kaminski through the Flower Essence Society. She completed her international certification in 2014. Since that time, she has received two advance study certifications, also with FES.

In sessions, Deborah combines her skills in Cognitive Re-Patterning, with the Flower Remedies.

Book a Session

Deborah is seeing currently accepting clients for Flower Essence Therapy. As needed, she may use various emotional pattern-breaking techniques.

Online formats, especially Zoom, allow her to work with clients around the globe. She is also able to team up with other FES practitioners to offer web-based education. 

Contact Deborah by filling out the form OR by phone or email.

Call Deborah: 217-257-1480

Email: dlee@adams.net 




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