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Emotional Re-Patterning


 “I’m excited that I’ve found a way to help people to break through stuck periods in their life” Deborah

Deborah uses techniques which: are often simple and enjoyable. The client is relaxed, yet fully involved in the process. At the end, a personalized flower essence formula may be recommended for use during the next month, thus enabling a further release of the emotional pattern.

Subconscious messages, stuck emotions and limiting beliefs can hinder our physical health, as well as our emotional balance. It is amazing how the body can heal, once obstructions are removed. Both NLP and flower remedies help facilitate wholeness, joy and health.


Re-Patterning and NLP: What would you do if you knew you would succeed? If you could stop the subtle “I’m not good enough” internal messages? Or those negative feelings, old pictures in your head; even smells or tastes that quietly sneak into your awareness and cause you to hit the “halt” button? Re-patterning involves simple techniques or practices that help you transcend your old subconscious memories and limitations. Old patterns are scrambled and released; then replaced with new, and more helpful, information. You are totally a part of this process.


Flower remedies work in much the same way as re-patterning by subtly allowing you to release a subconscious pattern which is obstructing your desired goals in life. Once released, more productive responses and choices begin to naturally develop.


Deborah’s Why: “My life’s work has been the desire to bring the gifts of Nature to those of us who want deep healing at all levels of our being: mind, body and spirit. Western medicine did not work for me in my 20’s and 30’s. Eventually, I was diagnosed with the need for a liver transplant. I chose another path. My liver slowly healed from deep work that included cleansing out years of Tylenol use; along with letting go of trauma, anger and self-distain due to a mother who did not know how to extend love. This long path included a near-death experience, embracing a Macrobiotic (vegan) diet for 20+ years, accupuncture, lots of herbs, yoga, exercise, meditation, extensive spiritual study, chiropratic sessions, neuro-linguistic programming and flower essences. All these tools allowed me to to morph into a teacher, giving over 4,000 programs on natural health, and eventually a Holistic Health Practitioner.”

Bio: Deborah has a Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Environmental Health and a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. Certifications include: Ordained Minister (Spiritual Counseling and Metaphysical Healing): NLP Master-Practitioner, 1998; Flower Essence Training Level I, 1987; Flower Essence Practitioner Certification, 2013. Member of the Energy Medicine Professional Association, Insured Practitioner.

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What are they: Emotional and Cognitive Re-Imprinting and NLP (Neuro-Linquistic Programming) are hybrid sciences that see the human nervous system as a ‘bio-computer’. Unpleasant memories trigger emotional responses. This all happens very fast and often unconsciously.  If a traumatic or unpleasant memory is no longer useful to you, it can be replaced with a better feeling response. When the old memory is “scrambled”, your Innate Wisdom is able to be expressed.

Why they are helpful: Both modalities work on the understanding that all learning, behavior and change is done at an subconscious level. If we are experiencing things we don’t want in life, the place to start is inside our subconscious mind.

Between the ages of 0-6, our brain is in a highly receptive state and becomes programmed from what we experience, see and hear. This forms the wiring of our brain and becomes our thought patterns, values, beliefs, perceptions and feelings about our self, life and others. The programming continues as we get older, however the first 6 years are extremely formative. Our programming either supports or hinders our goals in life.

An Example: If you were born into a family who told you every day that you were amazing and could achieve anything you wanted to, you would believe in yourself and your behavior would match this belief. This is the crux of a successful mindset and a successful life.

Most of us have not had this type of life. Even those of us who have had loving parents, who did their very best, will still experience things that contribute to limiting programs and beliefs. It is simply the nature of being a human being. We are conditioned by our parents, friends, family, society at large and our own experiences. Often trauma exists. We do not have to go off to war to have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Trauma happens.

What occurs: In session, we look at the relationship between how we think, how we communicate (to ourselves and to others), and how we behave.  Old programs can be updated and restructured and upgraded, a bit like a computer. Despite our past programming, we can redo our beliefs, perceptions, and reactions to life thereby gaining control over our thoughts, feelings, reactions and behaviors. All behavior is a reflection of your thoughts. If you can learn to master your mind, you can master your life. Imagine what you can achieve!

How they work: NLP and Cognitive Re-Patterning offer a set of specific techniques that deliberately restructure toward positive functioning the brain’s thinking and the body’s behaviors by aligning the conscious with the subconscious mind and body. The tools interrupt any non-favorable patterns in our thinking and behavior. These can be thought of as our habits. Once interrupted, we literally can ‘re-wire’ the system so that our experience of life changes, as does the habits which run over and over. New, more beneficial ‘habits’ of thinking can then be added through creating new pathways in our nervous system that allows us to develop different, effective behaviors and arrive at new conclusions.

Language and imagination are utilized to develop new inner-perspectives leading to choice, and consequently, new outer experiences of the world.

Book a session with Deborah:  First session 60 minutes ($60), including personalized remedy, Follow up session ($75), including personalized remedy. Youth <17 & under half price>

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Energy Medicine Professional Association – Insured Practitioner

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Happy Clients

“I went to Dr. Deborah for stress. I needed help dealing with daily activities in a calmer, more effective manner.  After identifying some behavior patterns that were creating agitation and frustration, we did a quick process. Also, she combined 2 flower essences in a 1 oz. dropper bottle, recommending I take 4-5 drops daily, several times a day. She also gave me affirmation cards, with a positive statement for each essence. Within a day, I noticed subtle changes.  I met with her 4 more times for new essences and re-patterning activities.  There’s been a huge improvement.” PJ

“Deborah gave me Arnica flower essence to address the emotional patterns behind persistent sciatica nerve pain running along my left leg. It really helped! Pain intensity decreased. I don’t really notice it now.”