Private Sessions with Deborah Lee, Ph.D.

Flower Remedies & Additional Support


 “I’m excited that I’ve found a way to help people to break through stuck periods in their life” Deborah

Flower Remedies: (also called Flower Essences) have successfully been used around the world for 90+ years, and first introduced by British physician, Dr. Edward Bach. They combine safely with any medications, herbs or other forms of therapy. They are safe for: children, pregnant women, the elderly and pets. Flower Remedies are helpful with forms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, stress and other emotional problems; especially when one is working with a therapist.

In a personalized remedy, these water-infused preparations can soothe and clear unwanted emotional blocks which formed long ago from memories and wounds. Once toxic emotions are cleared, the body’s natural ability to heal can occur. Flower Remedies offer a dynamic way for Nature’s patterns, archetypes and chemistry to interface with those of humans.

Beautiful flowers touch our emotions when we simply look, smell and appreciate them. Flower Remedies take this emotional effect deeper into the body.

Deborah has over 175 Bach and Flower Essence Society remedies. She has studied and used both the Bach and FES essences for 30+ years.

Additional Support: In a session Dr. Deborah will likely combine 2-5 different flower infusions for a personalized formula which is intended to last 3-4 weeks. In addition, she may include Guided Imagery, NLP and other simple techniques to further ‘dislodge’ the pattern of unwanted memories and their associated emotion.

Deborah has a Ph.D. in Nutrition, Masters in Environmental Health and a Bachelors in Psychology. Her certifications include: Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner, Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP), Licensed Minister and U of I Master Gardener.

Book a session with Deborah:  First session 60 minutes ($60), including personalized remedy, Follow up session ($75), including personalized remedy. Youth <17 & under half price>

Receive 20.00 off a session for referrals to new clients that purchase a session.

Energy Medicine Professional Association – Insured Practitioner

Stages of Flower Essence Response (Four R’s)

(excerpts from written material by Patricia Kaminski)

Stage One: Release, Relaxation or Rejuvenation

Characterized by many sensations, which are often registered in the body. These changes may be experienced as a release of excess or dysfunctional energy, a general feeling of calm, or a sense of renewed stamina. Many diverse, but short-lived symptoms may accompany Stage One; these shifting symptoms occur as the energetic relationship between body/soul comes into a new alignment.

Stage Two: Realization and Recognition

Benefits of the flower essences can now be more distinctly felt in the mental field, producing a variety of cognitive responses. Thoughts and feelings that operated just below the radar of consciousness can now be identified; there is increased objectivity and clarity. The flower essences help us to compare and contrast old behaviors or feelings with new alternative choices and solutions.

Stage Three: Reaction, Resistance and Re-conciliation

It may appear that the condition has worsened or has regressed to an earlier stage of dysfunction. True change involves conscious choice and this often means that the soul must revisit its original wounding or trauma in order to bring renewed understanding that may not have previously been possible. Stage Three addresses underlying or unhealed aspects stored within the memory of the soul.

Stage Four: Renewal and Re-constellation

In this stage we often see the emergence of entirely new aspects of the self. The active transformation of character defects results in new strengths and creative choices which would not have been possible without such inner work.