Evening medicinal herb class, Four Winds Farm, 11-1-11

Class Testimonials

“Awesome class! I loved the hands-on approach of digging in the garden and creating our wonderful master formula, tinctures, salve and lip gloss. Wonderful also was being with people of like interest. Thanks, Deborah, for remodeling this wonderful barn and for sharing your expertise.    Jane W

“Enjoyed the class tremendously!”

“Course was entertaining and fun with lots of great information. I enjoyed the hands-on approach making different perparations. It has given me the confidence to make my own preparations including infusions, decoctions and tinctures.”   Pat P

“Had a great time! Love the hands on. Learned a lot in the garden and kitchen.”   Kim S

“Your class has given me the courage to try using herbs much more extensively than ever before.”

“Informative, eye-opening; the hands-on activities were awesome!”

“Very informative! Ended to soon! Deb made learning about herbs fun and easy”   Terry H

“I had a great time. I don’t feel intimidated by herbs anymore. It was informative and entertaining. The book was also a great resource. I am drinking fresh herb tea almost every evening (instead of late evening eating). I feel much better.”

“I absolutely loved the class.”

“I thought the instructor (Deb) was very knowledgeable, funny and extremely interesting.”

“Excellent class! Learned so much in a short period of time. Information we can easily incorporate into our daily life.”   Kalena T

Practitioner Testimonials

Fear of Driving: For many years I was anxious and afraid to drive (even ride as a passenger) on highways. In a session with Deborah, we created a blend of flower remedies. Early on, I remembered a childhood experience crossing a bridge where I was on the floor in the back seat, crying and praying. Feeling safe in the car was a gradual improvement over time. Now, I am able to drive 300+ miles several times a month without any stress, fear or car sickness! I cannot be happier with the results. Working with Deborah was a real joy. She is professionally competent and caring. KLB

“What a gift you are to so many! Your light shines and brightens the way-you have forever changed my life for the way-so-much better, and you walk the talk of your heart every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sending light and love for your continued healing.” TB.   10-2018

PTSD: Several years ago I was involved in an auto accident, just as I removed my seatbelt. My head and body hit the windshield, resulting in major injuries, which were very slow to heal, especially the lungs. The deepest wound, I came to realize, was emotional. If I rode in a car, I had to be in the backseat and panicked at the slightest thing. My patient husband was being stretched too far. Plus, I still blamed him for the accident, which not his fault.
After 8 months I went to see Deborah, She was a huge help. We chatted and she did a clearing process. She also gave me the Post Trauma Stabilizer flower essence formula. Immediately, a very subtle feeling came over me that nothing bad was going to happen to me while in a car. And finally for the first time in 8 months, I could actually breathe freely. That’s when my lungs began to heal! I improved in phases over several months, along with 3 visits to Deborah and repeated use of the trauma formula. I cannot thank Deborah enough.  Grateful client

Fear Of Bee’s:  Deborah worked with me and during our session, we choose a flower remedy that was specific to my type of fear. I was deathly afraid of bees and very allergic to them, This made me terrified to be outdoors. I began taking the remedy, four times a day. The outcome was so subtle over several weeks that I hardly noticed, until my eye appointment with my optician (I have worn glasses since childhood) Not only had my fear of being stung gone from a 10 to a 2, I was “AMAZED” that my eyes had improved enough to no longer need glasses. I can not tell you how happy I am with this outcome. As fear left my body I actually began to see differently and my eyesight improved. Deborah explained my eyes got better because I was no longer looking at the world through fear. L.S.