Eat the Weeds Dvd

“Wild and Free…Eat the Weeds”

After 35 years of studying and teaching about wild plants for food and health; Deborah Lee has filmed a 92 minute documentary-style movie, taking you on a foraging walk into 4 outdoor locations. Filming begins in early spring, a delightful time to be outdoors and forage. It covers a 7-week span, allowing you to see an overview of what to collect, where and when.

The video covers field discussion for 25 plants. Also filmed are: 7 interspersed interviews explaining concepts of nature; important cautions and tips; still photos to let you better identify each plant; and insights about ‘medicinal’ uses. Captions show scientific names. Written materials accompany the DVD. These include information on 100 edible plant of the Midwest and Eastern US; plus a 15-step observation for you to get “up close and personal” with a plant.

The movie is a must for any person who wants to learn how and why to eat the weeds! It takes you beyond a plant identification guide and into nature.


“Loved the video. So much great information. Love your story telling way of educating. Much like the Native American way of sharing knowledge” Anita M

“To those who are venturing into a more solid connection with Mother Earth for the first time; or for those who are into survival, relying on wild edibles:  Deborah Lee’s new DVD, ‘Wild & Free–Eat The Weeds’ will certainly take you on a closetoMother-Earth Adventure. But be careful, your life may change!” Indigo J

 “After taking foraging hikes with Deborah and watching her video I look at Nature differently, even in my own back yard. Now, I appreciate the weeds; I see a bigger view, and I realize the important gifts of food and medicine that they offer us each day.” Jim B


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Foraging Tips – 30 minute video

PBS, TV show “Illinois Stories”; filmed May, 2012.